Hi! I’m Jackson Lewis! I write, draw, compose, and code. You can see some of my work here.


I’ve been programming since the age of 9, when I learned how to calculate the Fibonacci sequence in Python. Over the years, I’ve contributed to a wide variety of codebases.

Personal projects


Cascade, my most popular project to date, is a simple macro for Rust, designed to replicate the cascade syntax found in Dart.


A functional-imperative programming language that compiles to OpenQASM. Though this was originally created for my Computer Science Non-Exam Assessment project as part of my A-Levels, I plan to continue working on it to the point that it can be utilized by actual companies. It has many useful features for quantum programmers and an informative error checker.


Though this project is currently on hold, Hyperspeed is a work-in-progress game engine for Rust with multi-threading and asynchronicity built into its very core design. A fork of that project, Star Engine is a custom version of Hyperspeed used for making the game Space Station 0.

Fire Chain

Fire Chain was an early prototype for EdRec during my work at Brighthive that was eventually replaced. Though most of my work with BrightHive is on private repositories, this is an example of my early work for them.


PyStreamer was a small Python script used to power a multimedia event held in my home city of Eugene, Oregon, which was called CitySynth. Though this script is short, development took a lot of trial and error to get it working with the specific camera we planned to use.

Projects I’ve contributed to

South Eugene Robotics Team

As a member of the South Eugene Robotics team, I have made many contributions to both robot code and the libraries used for the robot code. I have made many contributions to Sertain, our in-house robot control framework written in Kotlin, and our robotic vision code. There are also several private projects I have worked on, including a LIDAR-powered SLAM library using the CoreSLAM algorithm and written in C++.


Rust ABCI is a framework for building applications that use the Tendermint ABCI protocol for decentralized blockchain networks. I overhauled the framework to work with the latest version of Tendermint, and am still a semi-active contributor to the project.


Servo is a browser engine written in Rust and developed by Mozilla. I have made several contributions to Servo, including making reading files from the local filesystem an asynchronous action.

Baystation 12

I have fixed multiple in-game bugs for the open-source multiplayer game Baystation 12, a specific branch of the game Space Station 13.

Space Station 14

I am an active contributor for the open source game Space Station 14, and have made numerous features and bugfixes for it. My most notable achievements include rewriting the physics engine and implementing gravity mechanics.